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Cardinals officially release DeAndre Hopkins

They said they were doing it four days ago. They finally did it today.The Cardinals officially have released receiver DeAndre Hopkins.Hopkins instantly becomes a free agent, able to sign with any team. All eyes will be on the Bills and Chiefs, who can both help themselves and hurt the other by acquiring Hopkins.The Cardinals have [more]

Report: DeAndre Hopkins hires an agent

With his first foray into free agency officially starting later today, receiver DeAndre Hopkins reportedly has hired an agent.Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that Hopkins has hired Kelton Crenshaw of Clutch Sports.As recently explained, non-certified agent Saint Omni was believed to be running the show for Hopkins. It prompted at least one team to [more]

DeAndre Hopkins has not yet been officially released

Memorial Day weekend began with a Friday afternoon announcement from the Cardinals that they have released receiver DeAndre Hopkins.They have not yet officially released him, however. Apparently, the league made Memorial Day weekend a four-day break, with no transactions posted on Friday.This assumption is bolstered by the fact that the waiver requests initiated on Thursday [more]

Shaquille O’Neal wants to face Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce in two on two

Two days after Shaquille O’Neal was served with two lawsuits seeking payment from him for two different alleged crypto scams, Shaq was in sufficiently good humor to push the best player in football for a two-on-two basketball contest.Via Pete Grathoff of the Kansas City Star, Shaq challenged Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes to a game of [more]

Report: Only Chiefs, Bills had “substantive” trade talks for DeAndre Hopkins

It appears that the Cardinals’ plan from the get-go was to try to trade receiver DeAndre Hopkins and, if no trade could be had, to cut him before June 1.Efforts were indeed made to trade Hopkins, and two of the teams in which Hopkins expressed interest spoke to Arizona.Via Albert Breer of, the Chiefs [more]

Patrick Mahomes is trying to strike the balance between too much and not enough

The headline that came from Patrick Mahomes‘s recent comments regarding his contract, which is already outdated less than 40 months after it was finalized, focused on his decision to prioritize legacy over money. The full contents were far more nuanced.Mahomes is trying to strike the right balance between taking too much and not being paid [more]

DeAndre Hopkins’s financial expectations, representation could be an impediment to a deal

Receiver DeAndre Hopkins is free to sign with anyone. But the contract won’t be anywhere close to free.As one source explained it to PFT on Saturday morning, Hopkins currently expects to secure a significant contract on the open market. The problem, however, is that no one wanted to trade for his prior deal, which paid [more]

Kelce brothers are huge fans of Thursday night games, criticize players who oppose them

Many players hate Thursday Night Football. The Kelce brothers are not among them.Eagles center Jason Kelce and Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce both said on their podcast that they’re in favor of more games on Thursdays, and in favor of the new rule that allows the league to move games in the schedule from Sunday [more]

Andy Reid: Fullbacks have been eased out of the NFL, Chiefs won’t have one this year

Among the many changes to NFL offenses over recent decades has been the long, slow decline of the fullback position. Chiefs coach Andy Reid recognizes that.The Chiefs let fullback Michael Burton leave for the Broncos in free agency this offseason, and Reid said the Chiefs won’t be bringing in a fullback to replace him. An [more]

Davante Adams, Raiders, Chiefs sued by photographer he shoved after game in 2022

The photographer who Davante Adams shoved has filed a lawsuit against the Raiders receiver as well as the Raiders and the Chiefs, the Kansas City Star reports.Park Zebley filed the lawsuit in the Circuit Court of Jackson County, Missouri, saying he was diagnosed with concussion symptoms. He also claims he feared for his life, receiving [more]

What’s next for DeAndre Hopkins?

He wanted to be traded, but no one wanted to absorb his current contract. Now, he’s a free agent.So where will receiver DeAndre Hopkins land?He turns 31 on June 6, and he’s had some injuries in recent years. He also missed the first six games of the 2022 season due to a PED suspension.As a [more]

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