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A.J. Bouye: I didn’t know how to handle everything that went wrong in Jacksonville

Cornerback A.J. Bouye joined the flood of veteran players who have left the Jaguars since the team’s AFC Championship Game loss to the Patriots in January 2018 when he was traded to the Broncos this offseason and he said on SiriusXM NFL Radio that a ticket out of Jacksonville was “definitely something that I wanted.” [more]

Largest video display in NFL is complete

SoFi Stadium announced on Wednesday that the largest videoboard in all of sports has been completed. It consists of 70,000 square feet and it stretches for more than 120 yards.  It weighs 2.2 million pounds, and it has more than 260 speakers embedded in it. The wattage can power 1,500 home theater systems. And the [more]

Randy Moss on Cam Newton: We’ll see how fun Patriots offense can be

Cam Newton isn’t the first big-name player to join the Patriots during Bill Belichick’s run with the organization and one of the other names on that list is looking forward to seeing the quarterback hit the field with his new team. Randy Moss spent three-plus seasons playing in New England and he posted 50 touchdowns [more]

Tony Dungy on Washington: “It’s not hard to change the name”

Washington coach Ron Rivera believes that now isn’t the time to discuss whether the team’s name should change. Hall of Fame coach Tony Dungy believes that time already has come and gone; Dungy tells William C. Rhoden of’s The Undefeated that Dungy already has stopped using the name on the air. “It’s not hard [more]

Yes, Cam Newton will still celebrate like Cam Newton in New England

Playing for the Patriots typically means leaving a significant chunk of a person’s individuality at the door. Which has raised the question of whether Cam Newton will still be Cam Newton while playing for Bill Belichick. There surely will be an adjustment, like there is for anyone who previously didn’t play for the Patriots and [more]

Giants Super Bowl ring heist masterminded by Patriots fan

In June of 2008, a jewelry store in Attleboro, Massachusetts, was burglarized, and millions of dollars worth of jewelry was stolen — including Super Bowl rings for the Giants, who had beaten the Patriots four months earlier and chose a Massachusetts jeweler to make their rings. It was a professional operation that involved destroying the [more]

NFLPA president: Every answer leads to “three more questions”

The NFL and NFLPA continue to talk about how to open camps safely, but one of the problems they’re having is that the targets keep moving. Trying to plan around a virus that’s spreading at record levels in large swaths of the country makes things difficult, and that’s one of the problems the league and [more]

Can NFL pull it off in 2020? Bill Cowher says, “I don’t know”

NBC analyst Rodney Harrison expressed concern on Tuesday regarding the ability of the NFL to play a season in a pandemic. CBS analyst Bill Cowher has similar misgivings. “I mean, there’s so much anxiety and worry about what’s next, to do the right thing because it varies from state to state,” Cowher told Ed Bouchette [more]

Bobby Bonilla Day has specific relevance to the NFL this year

After Cam Newton signed a contract with the Patriots that pays him a base salary of the veteran minimum, some pointed out that veteran journeyman Chase Daniel will make more this year than Newton and Saints quarterback Jameis Winston combined. There’s another intriguing sports-world comparison that arises today, July 1, commonly known as Bobby Bonilla [more]

Two weeks left for tagged players to sign long-term deals

Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones suggested this week that he could sit out the 2020 season if he doesn’t come to an agreement with the team on a long-term deal before the July 15 deadline to do so and he has plenty of company when it comes to looking for such a contract. With two [more]

Warren Moon worries about this year’s rookie quarterbacks

In a perfect world, rookie quarterbacks would have years to serve an apprenticeship before they’re asked to take over. Of course, that never really happens any more, and this year’s crop of first-rounders are entering anything but a perfect world, and Hall of Famer Warren Moon knows that. “I never think any rookie quarterback is [more]

Cam Newton already working out with Mohamed Sanu

The newest quarterback of the Patriots isn’t wasting any time in getting together with one of his future pass targets in New England. In an instagram video from The Sideline Hustle, Newton was shown working out at a field on the campus of UCLA with wide receiver Mohamed Sanu on Tuesday. Newton and Sanu were [more]

Chris Jones suggests he won’t play without a long-term deal with Chiefs

With the deadline for signing a long-term deal while on the franchise tag just over two weeks away, Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones may be trying to assert some leverage into negotiations. In a reply via his Twitter account to a segment from the NFL Network discussing his contract situation, Jones said that [more]

Rod Woodson believes NFL head coaches don’t want Hall of Fame players on their staffs

Hall of Fame cornerback Rod Woodson has spent some time in the NFL as an assistant coach, including two stints with the Raiders. But it never really stuck for him. And Woodson has a theory for that. He thinks NFL head coaches don’t want Hall of Fame players on their staffs. “They want one alpha [more]

Josh Allen speaks of close friendship with Sam Darnold

Sam Darnold and Josh Allen were both Top 10 picks in the 2018 NFL draft, and although they both landed in the AFC East with Darnold as the starting quarterback of the Jets and Allen as the starting quarterback of the Bills, they consider themselves friends more than rivals. Allen said on SiriusXM NFL Radio [more]

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