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AFC, NFC Championship Games top 40 million viewers

The AFC and NFC Championship Games both drew big audiences on television on Sunday. The Buccaneers’ win over the Packers in the NFC Championship Game drew 44.77 million viewers on FOX, while the Chiefs’ win over the Bills in the AFC Championship Game drew 41.85 million viewers, according to the Hollywood Reporter. That’s a viewership [more]

Aaron Rodgers: No reason I wouldn’t be back, but no absolutes

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers‘ comments after the NFC Championship Game have led to a lot of speculation about what he meant when he said that a lot of futures were uncertain “myself included.” That came after Rodgers called his future a “beautiful mystery” in the days leading up to the game and there’s been some [more]

Mark Murphy: “We’re not idiots. Aaron Rodgers will be back.”

The Green Bay Packers have spoken. CEO Mark Murphy, appearing Monday on The 5th Quarter Show on WNFL in Green Bay, addressed quarterback Aaron Rodgers‘ recent comments suggesting uncertainty regarding his future with the team. “We’re not idiots,” Murphy said. “Aaron Rodgers will be back, he’s our leader.” He’s a leader that they undermined and [more]

Packers’ intentional penalty could have triggered an unusual rule

At the two-minute warning of Sunday’s NFC Championship Game, the Buccaneers had the lead and the ball, with second-and-1. The Packers made a smart decision: They intentionally jumped offside, figuring it’s easier to stop a team from picking up a first down and running the clock on first-and-10 than on second-and-1. Because it was a [more]

Source: Aaron Rodgers wants a new contract

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was sending a message to the team with his post-game comments after Sunday’s loss to the Buccaneers in the NFC Championship. The message likely had multiple tentacles. Here’s one. Per a league source, Rodgers wants a new contract. Rodgers should want a new contract. He makes $33.5 million per year. He’s [more]

Mike Pettine under fire after Bucs touchdown before halftime

Kevin King did not have his best game Sunday. The Packers cornerback, who played after being questionable with a back injury, gave up a 39-yard touchdown to Scotty Miller on the next-to-last play of the first half and drew a penalty for defensive pass interference on Tyler Johnson late in the fourth quarter. But King [more]

Brett Favre downplays Aaron Rodgers’ post-game comments

Current Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers spontaneously called his own future into question on Sunday after a season-ending loss to the Buccaneers. Former Packers quarterback Brett Favre, who knows a thing or two about spontanesouly calling his future as the Packers quarterback into question, pooh-poohed Rodgers’ remarks on Monday. “I wouldn’t pay much attention to it,” [more]

Corey Linsley: I don’t know what Aaron Rodgers meant by his postgame comments

Corey Linsley‘s future is up in the air as the Packers center approaches free agency for the first time. But it was quarterback Aaron Rodgers who started a firestorm of speculation when he brought up his own “uncertain” future in Sunday’s postgame press conference. Linsley may have sent snaps to Rodgers for the last seven [more]

Corey Linsley realizes he may have played his final game for the Packers

Aaron Rodgers brought up the uncertainty within the Packers’ locker room in the immediate aftermath of the loss to the Buccaneers. “A lot of guys futures that are, you know, uncertain, myself included,” Rodgers said. “That’s what’s sad about it most. . . . Just the uncertainties is tough and the finality of it all.” [more]

Allen Lazard: We were set on going down to Tampa and playing in that game

The Packers are in the same situation on Monday as they were the day after last year’s NFC Championship Game. Instead of getting ready to go to Florida for the Super Bowl, Green Bay players are cleaning out their lockers and doing exit interviews to start the offseason. But after falling to the Buccaneers 31-26, [more]

Retirement seems to be the least likely option for Aaron Rodgers

As the surprising comments from Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers sink in, his words invite speculation regarding his future. One potential outcome seems unlikely: Retirement. Beyond owing the Packers $23 million in unearned bonus money if he walks away, Rodgers in recent years has made it clear he plans to keep going. (In June 2013, however, [more]

Late bye has fueled Tampa Bay’s Super Bowl run

With no offseason program or preseason, the Buccaneers weren’t as prepared for the 2020 regular season as they could have been. It showed early on, as the Buccaneers developed a habit of falling behind in games. The Bucs won three in a row after a Week One loss to the Saints, lost on a Thursday [more]

In one fateful moment, Matt LaFleur underestimated two GOATs

The Green Bay Packers’ 2020 season came down to one decision. And it was the wrong decision. As time passes, more and more people inside and outside the organization will realize how wrong it was. After landing in a 28-10 hole that created a clear sense that the game was over, the Packers clawed back. [more]

Don’t dismiss the possibility that Aaron Rodgers will play elsewhere in 2021

No one would be considering the possibility today that Aaron Rodgers has played his final game in a yellow helmet with a G on each side if he hadn’t veered unprompted into a discussion about his uncertain future after Sunday’s season-ending loss to Tom Brady and the Buccaneers. Rodgers’ comments were sufficiently striking to cause [more]

Regular season MVP hasn’t won the Super Bowl since 1999

The curse of the regular season Most Valuable Player continues. The NFL’s regular season MVP hasn’t won the Super Bowl since Rams quarterback Kurt Warner did it in the 1999 season, and it won’t happen this year, either. Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is sure to win the MVP for the 2020 season, which will be [more]

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