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Andrew Whitworth: Blaming officials for missed call is “an excuse”

Andrew Whitworth is 37 years old, in his 13th season, and before this season, the Rams left tackle had never won a playoff game. He was 0-for-7 until the Rams beat the Cowboys and then the Saints to reach the Super Bowl. So don’t try telling Whitworth the Rams didn’t win fair and square. The [more]

U.S. Congressman wants Roger Goodell to testify before an antitrust subcommittee

Commissioner Roger Goodell probably shouldn’t worry about a lawsuit filed in New Orleans over the blown call at the end of the NFC Championship. Goodell probably should worry (at least a little bit) about another potential scenario for sworn testimony, sparked by a U.S. Representative from New Orleans. “What the entire nation witnessed during this [more]

Three days later, no public statement from NFL about Rams-Saints

In the immediate aftermath of the NFC Championship game, the NFL privately apologized to the Saints — and intended to publicly acknowledge the blown no-call of pass interference that robbed the Saints of a first and goal with roughly 1:49 to play. Three days later, it hasn’t happened. And, by all appearances, it’s not going [more]

Saints G.M.: No-call falls under “Life’s not fair”

Saints General Manager Mickey Loomis went to Mobile to get away. Because any minute he spends thinking about 2019 NFL Draft prospects at the Senior Bowl is a minute he’s not thinking about why he isn’t getting ready for a Super Bowl. Via Mike Triplett of, Loomis said he’s had a few “sleepless nights” since [more]

Rams have two out of practice; Patriots have no one on their report

The Rams have two players on their injury report. That’s two more than they had last week and two more than the Patriots have. New England lists no players on its bye week injury report. The Patriots had no players on their report most of last week, too. They listed defensive end Deatrich Wise as [more]

Tom Brady has played in more Super Bowls than the Rams’ whole roster

If Super Bowl experience matters, then the Patriots have an enormous advantage over the Rams. In fact, Tom Brady alone has more Super Bowl experience than the Rams’ entire roster. Brady has already played in eight Super Bowls, the most in NFL history. The Rams’ whole roster has just four players who have played in [more]

Jerry Jones wonders why Julian Edelman’s muffed punt was overturned

With all of the controversies over the weekend, one lost in the wash was the overturn of Julian Edelman‘s muffed punt. No one is talking about it primarily because the Chiefs got the ball back two snaps later anyway with an interception. “Ball don’t lie,” CBS analyst Tony Romo joked on the broadcast after Daniel [more]

Robert Kraft butters up the officials: I love the refs

With the Patriots playing in the Super Bowl, owner Robert Kraft wasn’t about to wade into the middle of the officiating controversy that surrounded the NFC Championship Game. “We have one game left, so I love the refs,” Kraft joked on ABC’s “Good Morning America” on Wednesday, via the Boston Globe. Kraft was quizzed about [more]

Some teams may not be willing to accept the status quo

On one hand, Saints coach Sean Payton could look at the horrendous non-call from the NFC Championship game, accept the fact that bad calls happen, and hope/assume that the next time a bad call happens his team will benefit from it. (A surprisingly high number of coaches and General Managers react to bad calls and [more]

No major changes expected in aftermath of Rams-Saints

The NFL has a reputation for being reactive, not proactive. In the aftermath of Sunday’s controversial NFC Championship game, the NFL may not even be reactive. Three days removed from a historic (for good and bad reasons) doubleheader of Super Bowl play-in games, there’s a growing sense that the league will take no significant action [more]

Rams defense credits Wade Phillips for putting pieces together

The Rams weren’t afraid to make bold moves to add to their defense, and those moves are paying off in the way they envisioned. It’s just taken longer than they might have imagined. From Ndamukong Suh‘s run-stopping the last two weeks to Aqib Talib‘s ability to limit Saints wideout Michael Thomas to Dante Fowler‘s timely [more]

NFL willing to leave roof open for Super Bowl, weather permitting

The NFL is open to leaving the roof open for the Super Bowl. But as they found out the last time the Super Bowl was in Atlanta, the weather is often unpredictable. According to Tim Tucker of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, league officials said they continue to consider the possibility for leaving the retractable roof at [more]

Rams safety: Tom Brady is “definitely beatable”

Given the way they made up the whole notion that nobody thinks they can win, the Patriots will certainly use anything they can for motivation. So this one should be easy. Rams safety John Johnson III said on the Rams’ team website that Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was “definitely beatable.” Of course, that was in [more]

Sean McVay points out missed facemasking on Jared Goff

Rams coach Sean McVay knows his team benefited from a missed call in Sunday’s NFC Championship Game, but he pointed out that his team was hurt by a missed call as well. McVay noted that on the drive preceding the controversial missed pass interference call, Rams quarterback Jared Goff had his facemask grabbed. If that [more]

Louisiana Governor calls for NFL to expand replay

First, a lawsuit over the Saints-Rams game. Now, a politician is getting in the act. Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards sent NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell a letter Tuesday, expressing his “deep disappointment” and calling for the league to expand replay. The Democratic governor was, of course, upset that officials didn’t call pass interference on Rams [more]

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