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Browns blew it with Josh Gordon

With Browns receiver Josh Gordon facing a one-year suspension that he’s not expected to be able to defeat via the appeal process, his time with the team probably is over.  After not having him for 10 games to start 2014 due to a marijuana violation and suspending him for the regular-season finale after missing a [more]

Browns not expected to join the Josh Freeman chase

The Browns may still add a quarterback, but it doesn’t appear they’re in the market for a deposed starter with recent experience. According to Tony Grossi of, the Browns have crossed former Buccaneers starter Josh Freeman off the list of potential roster replacements for Brian Hoyer, who tore his ACL last night. From a [more]

Teams will have plenty of quarterback options in 2014

After their recent trade of running back Trent Richardson to the Colts, the Browns now have enough ammunition to move to the top of the 2014 draft. Some would say that, without Richardson, the Browns may not need to move very far to get there. Regardless, Browns CEO Joe Banner told PFT Live in the [more]

Banner calls speculation regarding quarterback pursuit “well founded”

Conventional wisdom regarding the Browns’ decision to trade running back Trent Richardson for Indy’s first-round draft pick suggests that Cleveland plans to use those picks if necessary to trade up for a franchise quarterback. For a change, conventional wisdom may be completely accurate. Browns CEO Joe Banner acknowledged during Thursday’s PFT Live the legitimacy of [more]