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Reich’s return ends wild week for Colts

A week ago today, the Colts thought their next head coach was getting ready to run an offense in the Super Bowl. As it turns out, he was. Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels opted to stay put, after agreeing to terms to take the job. Eagles offensive coordinator Frank Reich quickly emerged as a finalist [more]

Week Eight power rankings

1. Eagles (7-1; No. 1): If the Dolphins were trying to send a message to Jay Ajayi by trading him to the best team in football, he’s probably not upset about receiving it. 2. Patriots (6-2; No. 2): “The Patriots might choose Jimmy Garoppolo over Tom Brady.” 3. Steelers (6-2; No. 3): Today, JuJu Smith-Schuster [more]

Will Andrew Luck play at all this year?

The latest news regarding the three-legged-tortoise slow recovery of Colts quarterback Andrew Luck from shoulder surgery performed in January necessarily delays his timetable for a return even deeper into the season. It also raises a fair question: Will he play at all this year? I’m starting to think he won’t. But I also think the [more]

Jenkins uses Twitter to jab Pryor

After Giants cornerback Janoris Jenkins and Browns wide receiver Terrelle Pryor battled Sunday afternoon in Cleveland, Jenkins took to Twitter to let Pryor know he doesn’t think much of his talents. Jenkins tweeted, in so many words, that he thinks Pryor really sucks. @TerrellePryor You a Sh*t Eater to me, u really sucks.. # — [more]

Colts didn’t use Luck’s bad year against him (and for good reason)

When negotiating quarterback Andrew Luck’s deal, the Colts surely said plenty of things. Here’s one thing they didn’t say: He stunk in 2015. “We never even suggested it as leverage,” owner Jim Irsay said Wednesday, via Zak Keefer of the Indianapolis Star. “It wasn’t, ‘Well, what about the slow start? Or what happened against Buffalo [in Week [more]

Matt Hasselbeck “not super optimistic” about playing in Week 17

If the Broncos can beat the Bengals on Monday night, the Colts will go into Week 17 with a chance to win the AFC South. Matt Hasselbeck’s chances of being their starting quarterback don’t look to great. Hasselbeck was knocked out of Sunday’s game with a right shoulder injury, marking the fourth time in as [more]

Josh Norman, Rodney Harrison continue their back-and-forth

Last week, Rodney Harrison said on NBCSN’s Pro Football Talk that Panthers cornerback Josh Norman is: (1) one of the best cornerbacks in the game; and (2) not good enough to shut down Falcons receiver Julio Jones. Norman, ignoring the compliment and focusing on the insult, hurled back only and insult, calling Harrison “horrible at [more]

Saints up 20 over Colts

Four years ago, the Saints pummeled the Colts during the Suck for Luck year, 62-7. Now with Luck on the field, the Colts are once again sucking. In the first game after a head-scratching call against the Patriots that became even worse once punter Pat McAfee admitted that gunner/center Griff Whalen hadn’t been told to not snap [more]

Brandon Weeden feels unlucky, confident in his abilities

The Cowboys lost for the third time in as many weeks on Sunday afternoon, which means that quarterback Brandon Weeden was on the wrong side of the scoreboard for the 11th time in his last 11 starts. Weeden didn’t lead the Cowboys to a touchdown in the 30-6 loss to the Patriots and the Dallas [more]

Luck takes the blame for lackluster offensive performance

If it had been known before the season that the Colts would give up 27 and 20 points in their first two games, respectively, most would have believed they’d be at least 1-1, possibly 2-0. Scoring points wasn’t supposed to be a problem for the team that boasted quarterback Andrew Luck and a Talent-Makes-Its-Own-Luck stable of playmakers, [more]

Andrew Luck feels “deflated” after AFC Championship loss

Colts quarterback Andrew Luck became the first overall pick for the second time in his career on Wednesday when he was the first player taken off the board in the Pro Bowl draft. Luck wouldn’t be playing in the game if the Colts had won the AFC title last Sunday, but they lost 45-7 to [more]

PFT’s Week 16 picks

All MDS wanted was a chance.  Maybe he should have been more careful about what he wished for. Down five games with 32 games left and his ability to close the gap hinging on the existence of enough disagreements between the two of us, we disagree on five games this week. So, in theory, he [more]

Kelly downplays Jordan Matthews’ breakout performance

Maybe Jordan Matthews really will be the next T.O. Arriving amid high expectations but before last night never generating 60 or more receiving yards in any one game, Matthews exploded on Monday night with seven catches for 138 yards and two touchdowns. After the breakout performance, the Eagles downplayed the situation. “[I]t’s just matchups,” coach [more]

Week Five “Three and Out”

The first stab at the new “Three and Out” series yielded mixed results.  It was well received, but it wasn’t all that well read. Part of the problem is that I posted it on Sunday morning.  This week, I tried to get it done earlier.  (Whether I succeeded depends on the date and time listed [more]

Alabama fan yells “Roll Tide,” sucker punches Titans QB

Maybe Titans rookie quarterback Zach Mettenberger should wear a red no-contact jersey when he goes out in Nashville. Or at least put on some cologne to cover up the smell of corn dogs. According to Jim Wyatt of the Tennesseean, Mettenberger was sucker-punched at a bar over the weekend, after a fellow patron taunted the [more]