Jay Glazer offers Miko Grimes some advice she probably won’t take

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You can say one thing about Miko Grimes — she’s not one to back down, even when she’s making a gigantic fool of herself.

After making anti-Semitic remarks earlier today on Twitter, which may or may not bother her husband’s new Jewish bosses, there have been plenty of people offering her suggestions.

One of those came from FOX Sports’ Jay Glazer, who said in terms only he can pull off (and we can’t print), that perhaps she should stop talking. He identified himself as “the Jew buddy of ur husbands.” As many players have, Brent Grimes has done some MMA training, a world in which Glazer also moves and introduces many players to.

Miko Grimes then responded that Jay Glazer (not related to the Glazers who own the Buccaneers), should mind his own business, in her own unique way.  (If there’s any truth in that response, her husband is likely to be quite surprised, and she may have a hard time finding a bathroom when the Buccaneers play in Charlotte this year.)

While this whole thing took an ugly turn from the start, the added attention only seems to be feeding her ego. Until it has an economic impact on her household, that’s likely to continue to be the case. Of course, her self-imposed Twitter exile lasted long enough for Brent to find another job this offseason, so it’s probably unlikely she’s ever going to stop making a spectacle of herself.

Dolphins, Bucs don’t comment yet on Miko Grimes rant

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Miko Grimes, the wife of former Dolphins and current Buccaneers cornerback Brent Grimes, continued her rant against the Dolphins early Monday by, among other things, referring the decision of owners Stephen Ross to entrust the franchise to Mike Tannenbaum as an effort by Ross to “keep his Jew buddies employed.”

It was an alarming and gratuitous remark from Miko Grimes. She has responded, not surprisingly, to criticism of her comments by going on the offensive, as she often does.

For now, the Dolphins and Buccaneers have opted not to comment on the situation. The Dolphins have informed PFT that the team will have no comment. The Buccaneers also have informed PFT that the organization will not be commenting.

For Miko Grimes, the comments continue.

America is so f–king soft! No wonder we’re able to fake terrorist attacks (which are nothing but genocide on our own ppl) & yall believe it,” she said after her tweets about the Dolphins gained widespread media attention.

Here’s the problem: Miko Grimes fails or refuses to see the connection between perpetuating the stereotype that successful Jewish business people use their power to benefit other Jewish people and anti-Semitism, which is a form of racism. The fact that she’d so casually shrug off the decision of Ross to hire Tannenbaum as an effort by Ross to “keep his Jew buddies employed” shows that she believes this specific stereotype about Jewish people. Which makes her comment evidence of anti-Semitism and, in turn, racism.

Miko Grimes can deny racial bias all she wants (or change the subject by pointing to racism against African-Americans), but she said what she said. Think of any racial stereotype. If someone presents it as true in any setting (including Twitter), it’s evidence of racial bias.

If racism were manifested only by someone admitting, “I view that other group as lesser than the group I belong to,” there would be no evidence of racism. Except in the most extreme cases.

In this case, reference to a Jewish stereotype in a clearly derisive way shows racial bias and constitutes an insult to Ross, Tannenbaum, and all other people of Jewish heritage. Whether or not the Buccaneers, who are owned by a Jewish family, say or do anything about it remains to be seen.

Miko Grimes continues to blast Dolphins with over-the-top rhetoric

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If the goal of Miko Grimes’ behavior a year ago in Miami was to get her husband, Brent, released by the Dolphins, perhaps she doesn’t realize that they already did.

In an extended Twitter rant that was captured by TheBigLead.com, Grimes continued her assault on the Dolphins — with specific criticisms of quarterback Ryan Tannehill, owner Stephen Ross, and V.P. of football operations Mike Tannenbaum.

The rant began as a question of the relative basketball merits of Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal. Miko eventually compared Kobe Bryant fans to Ryan Tannehill fans.

“Both are super stupid but at least Kobe was a baller,” Miko Grimes said. “Tannehill is a bum!”

She then took a five-hour break before returning with this: “The Dolphins f–king stink! They will never be great as long as Stephen Ross is the owner, Tannenbaum is the G.M., and Tannehill is the QB!”

Next, Miko Grimes claimed that Brent was going to retire if he stayed with the Dolphins and that she “got him out of his contract. . . . Now we got Jameis!”

“No way I was gonna let him retire with a bum at QB, G.M., and owner! No f–king way! We will go out on a high with a REAL QB, not a WR at QB!” Miko Grimes added.

After another 20-minute break, the rant took a turn that could cause problems for Brent Grimes in his new place of employment.

“Gotta respect Ross for keeping his Jew buddies employed but did he not see how Tannenbaum put the Jets in the dumpster w/that Sanchez deal?” Miko Grimes said, before adding that “you won’t hear any of this while we’re in Tampa.”

She may have already said too much. Whether Miko Grimes knows it or not, ownership of her husband’s current team also is Jewish. Family patriarch Malcolm Glazer’s parents were Lithuanian Jewish immigrants. Last year, Bryan Glazer gave $4 million to a Jewish Community Center in Tampa.

PFT has requested comment from both the Dolphins and the Buccaneers regarding the remarks. Miko Grimes has not yet deleted any of the tweets, telling anyone who objects to her words to “stay off Twitter if ur sensitive.”

That disclaimer may not be good enough. While the Glazers clearly want to win (as the revolving door in the head coach’s office confirms), they may decide that the distractions created by Miko Grimes already outweigh whatever value Brent Grimes can bring to the franchise. At a minimum, they may want to let her know that comments like that are indeed anti-Semitic, even if she thinks anyone who believes that is “soft as puppy sh-t.”

Miko Grimes say Brent wanted out of Miami

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Many have blamed Miko Grimes for getting her husband, Brent, cut by the Dolphins. Miko Grimes recently suggested in an interview with Sarah Spain, Jane McManus, and Kate Fagan of ESPN Radio’s The Trifecta that perhaps Brent wanted out. She nevertheless contends it happened regardless of anything she said or did.

It had nothing to do with me,” Miko Grimes said, via JoeBucsFan.com. “It had everything to do with my husband wanting to leave the Miami Dolphins and them not wanting him to leave. You guys don’t know that, though. You’re listening to what [Dolphins owner Stephen Ross] is saying. That’s why I was able to say whatever I wanted to say because my husband wanted to leave.”

But even after the Dolphins cut Brent Grimes, they still wanted to bring him back at a reduced rate — which undercuts the idea that they no longer wanted him because of the things his wife was saying (attacking Ryan Tannehill, e.g.) and doing (getting arrested before a game, e.g.).

“When we signed with the Bucs, the Dolphins asked to match the offer,” Miko Grimes said. “So was Miko really the problem? Why would you want to match it? See what I mean. You guys don’t know what’s really happening.”

She added that 17 total teams called about Brent Grimes once he became available. Ultimately, Miko had significant say in the final outcome.

“My husband does not negotiate his contract. I do,” Miko Grimes said.

Ultimately, the Buccaneers had no qualms about Miko Grimes because they’d rather have the distraction that comes from a good player with an outspoken wife than the distraction that comes from having a crappy defense. While it appears that Brent Grimes inevitably would be let go by Miami due to his contract, the Buccaneers are happy to have him, and they apparently have no problem with anything his wife may say or do.

UPDATE 2:12 p.m. ET:  A prior version of this item failed to identify the hosts of the ESPN Radio program or its name. That oversight has been pointed out to us, so we have updated the story to include the information, the omission of which was not deliberate. Besides, it’s important for us to provide that courtesy at all times because ESPN and ESPN.com always take great pains to make sure that the full show name and host is mentioned whenever using quotes from radio shows on a rival network. Wait, did I say always? I meant rarely-to-never.

Dirk Koetter on Bucs’ short corners: “They’re not going to grow”

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Buccaneers coach Dirk Koetter commissioned research that came up with the startling conclusion that it’s hotter in the afternoons in Florida than the mornings.

So when it comes to matters of science, we’ll defer to him.

Now he’s turned his attention to the fact his three top cornerbacks are all 5-foot-10 (Brent Grimes, Alterraun Verner and rookie Vernon Hargreaves), saying that their research shows that’s not as big a problem as some think.

They’re not going to grow,” Koetter said, via Greg Auman of the Tampa Bay Times. “They’re not going to grow, alright? So we’ve got 5,000 stories out there about short corners. You can’t bitch about your players. They’re the ones you’ve got. These guys aren’t going to grow.”

Koetter said after looking at Pro Bowl rosters the last 15 years, they realized size wasn’t everything. Or at least, that was their justification for signing Grimes and using a first-round pick on Hargreaves, knowing they’ll see big receivers like Julio Jones and Kelvin Benjamin twice a year.

“There’s plenty of research both ways about size and corners. There’s some misnomers out there,” Koetter said. “There’s just as many corners that are 5-10 that have been successful as corners that are 6-4. So the guys are who they are. We’re happy with our guys and we’re going to keep working with them.”

But because they’re all adults, Koetter won’t be waiting on a growth spurt, knowing one’s unlikely to happen.

Lavonte David thinks Bucs can be the best defense ever

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The Buccaneers are feeling pretty good right now, and not just because exhaustive research by their coaches revealed that mornings are cooler than afternoons in Florida.

But the latest message to come out of Tampa makes you think someone has been out in the sun too long.

Via Greg Auman of the Tampa Bay Times, Buccaneers linebacker Lavonte David has high hopes for their defense. Very high.

I think we can be the best defense ever, to be honest,” David said. “I’m going to go out there and say it.”

Even being the best in Bucs history would be an accomplishment, as the 2002 version allowed just 12.2 points per game.

“Yeah, I’m going to say it. Put it on me. I’m going to say it,” David said. “NFL history, Bucs history, anything. That’s just the type of attitude we have.”

The Bucs improved to 10th in the league in yards allowed last year, but were still 26th in points allowed. Their offseason brought some parts that should help (specifically cornerbacks Brent Grimes and first-rounder Vernon Hargreaves and pass-rushers Robert Ayers and Noah Spence), but it’s a bold statement to make in June, when there’s so much work to be done.

Buccaneers sign first-rounder Vernon Hargreaves

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Vernon Hargreaves signed his first contract before his first practice with the Buccaneers.

The team announced the 11th overall pick had signed his rookie deal, making him their third draft choice to get a deal done, and continuing the trend of early signings. Like all first-rounders, it is a four-year deal with an option for a fourth.

They signed fourth-rounder Ryan Smith and fifth-rounder Caleb Benenoch yesterday, leaving just a pair of second-rounders and a pair of sixths.

Hargreaves can now get to work improving a Bucs secondary which can certainly use it. They also added Brent Grimes in free agency, giving them a pair of high-profile additions, which should help solidify things.

Warren Sapp hopes Miko Grimes stays off Twitter

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At a time when some suggested cornerback Brent Grimes would have a hard time finding a new team because of his wife’s social media habits, the Buccaneers pounced, choosing the potential distractions arising from Miko Grimes on Twitter to the potential distractions (and terminations of employment) arising from a defense that stinks.

Still, a former Buccaneers Hall of Famer has gone on the record to say that he hopes Mrs. Grimes won’t become a problem in Tampa.

“I like the acquisition of Brent Grimes,” Sapp told Ira Kaufman of the Tampa Tribune (via JoeBucsFan.com). “I hope his old lady stays off Twitter and leaves people alone.’’

The irony is obvious; Sapp is a guy who has never been bashful about speaking his mind, on Twitter or anywhere else. He also has a habit of not leaving people alone. So what’s wrong with Miko Grimes choosing to be on Twitter or to not leave people alone?

The player’s talent overcomes any and all potential distractions or baggage. Which may be one of the reasons the Bucs signed Brent Grimes. And it may be one of the reasons the Bucs put up with Sapp for as long as they did.

Dolphins reportedly out of the Josh Norman derby, despite interest


The Dolphins were clearly interested in free agent cornerback Josh Norman, but it appears unlikely they’ll be able to add another $16 million a year guy to their payroll.

According to Adam Beasley and Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, the Dolphins are apparently out of the Norman derby, despite making an early call and having legitimate interest.

He was quick to line up a visit to Washington after the Panthers rescinded the franchise tag Wednesday, and may not leave. The 49ers have shown serious interest as well, and have the cap space to pull off a big deal.

The Dolphins need to fortify their secondary after cutting Brent Grimes and his wife earlier this offseason, but appear to be resigned to finding that help in the draft. They’re already carrying big-ticket players Ndamukong Suh and Ryan Tannehill, so meeting Norman’s previous demands would have required some cap gymnastics from a team that never hesitates to make big moves.

Monday morning one-liners

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The Bills may get some defensive help with the 19th overall pick.

CB Leon Hall may remain a possible addition for the Dolphins.

What areas are the Patriots likely to target in the draft?

Georgia LB Leonard Floyd could interest the Jets in the first round.

The Ravens will be taking a risk at left tackle with or without Eugene Monroe.

The Bengals were represented at Central Arkansas’ pro day workout.

Things got emotional for Ernest Byner and a Browns fan at a screening of a forthcoming 30 for 30 film about Cleveland sports.

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin and General Manager Kevin Colbert feel like an old married couple.

Indiana TE Michael Cooper is expected to take part in the Texans’ pre-draft workout for local prospects.

Should the Colts consider an early move up the draft board?

The Jaguars continue to work with Duval County to make sure all its public high schools have certified athletic trainers.

The Titans have added LB Curtis Grant to their 90-man roster.

There will be a new mural in the Broncos weight room.

Safety may be less of a draft priority for the Chiefs.

Former Raiders S George Atkinson’s son Josh is trying to make it to the NFL.

The Chargers website takes a look at TCU WR Josh Doctson.

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Ole Miss DL Robert Nkemdiche is expected to meet with the Bears.

The Lions have been busy around the country as they do their pre-draft scouting.

Former Packers WR James Jones has given advice to San Jose State RB Tyler Ervin ahead of the draft.

The Vikings have added more voices on offense this offseason.

LB Courtney Upshaw expects a more versatile role in the Falcons defense.

Panthers RB Mike Tolbert turns to boxing for offseason workouts.

Current and former Saints helped raise money for former Saints FB Hokie Gajan’s battle with cancer.

The Buccaneers hope CB Brent Grimes’ experience helps younger players.

Rod Tidwell may only be a fictional Cardinals wide receiver, but the team hasn’t lost touch with him.

Should the Rams pass on quarterbacks in this year’s draft?

All eyes will be on QB Colin Kaepernick as the 49ers start their offseason workouts.

Former Seahawks DE Patrick Kearney now works as an investment adviser.

Report: Greg Toler visiting Dolphins


Free agent cornerback Greg Toler is visiting the Dolphins Thursday night and Friday, the Miami Herald reported.

The Dolphins haven’t been shy in free agency but do have a need at cornerback after Brent Grimes signed with the Buccaneers and Brice McCain was released.

Toler, 31, started 25 games over the past two seasons for the Colts. He’s played three seasons with the Colts and three with the Cardinals, who drafted him in the fourth round in 2009.

The Colts signed Patrick Robinson to fill the starting cornerback spot opposite Vontae Davis. Toler has started 47 of 72 career games and has eight career interceptions; last season was the first season of his career during which he didn’t record an interception.

Dolphins owner makes it clear they cut Brent and Miko Grimes


The Buccaneers made it clear they were interested enough in Brent Grimes that they weren’t fazed by his wife Miko’s antics.

But Dolphins owner Stephen Ross made it equally clear that he was cutting Miko as much as her husband when they parted ways this offseason.

“I think everybody knows what she represented,” Ross said, via Andrew Abramson of he Palm Beach Post.I thought it was best that the Dolphins move on from Brent and Miko.”

Of course, Miko had plenty of things to say about the Dolphins after her husband’s release, but it was her trashing of quarterback Ryan Tannehill that probably sealed their fate in South Florida.

We now look forward to the inevitable response from Mrs. Grimes, perhaps telling us more about what a dumpster fire the Dolphins may be, with or without her.

Wednesday morning one-liners


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Will the Bengals draft a receiver in the first round?

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Bruce Irvin felt like he couldn’t reach his potential in Seattle.

Tuesday morning one-liners

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Some points to think about regarding DE Chris Long and the Patriots.

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Eleven Jaguars players topped $100,000 in performance-based pay.

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Playing more than expected was lucrative for Broncos C Matt Paradis.

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Raiders QB Derek Carr’s NCAA Tournament bracket was filled out with heart rather than deep analysis of the teams.

CB Casey Hayward thinks the Chargers can make a quick turnaround from last season.

Checking in on the search for a backup to Cowboys QB Tony Romo.

Said Keenan Robinson of the Giants, “They’re a team that needed a middle linebacker. I think I can fill that role for the team.”

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The Vikings’ bid to change the name of Chicago Avenue near their new stadium has met with pushback.

The Falcons brought back S Charles Godfrey.

QB Cam Newton’s contract got done at a good time for the Panthers.

It doesn’t look like the Saints are going to part ways with T Zach Strief.

Buccaneers CB Brent Grimes credits his wife’s cooking with keeping him young.

The Cardinals will be visiting with T Andre Smith this week.

The Rams are in the market for some new blood at wide receiver.

K Phil Dawson thinks the 49ers “commit to one another” this season.

The Seahawks have started adding bodies to their offensive and defensive lines.

Buccaneers sign Josh Robinson

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Shortly after the Buccaneers held an introductory press conference for newly signed cornerback Brent Grimes, the team announced the addition of another player at the position.

The Buccaneers announced that they have signed former Vikings cornerback Josh Robinson to a one-year deal. Robinson also visited with Grimes’ former team since the start of free agency, although nothing materialized with the Dolphins.

Robinson only played five games after suffering a pectoral injury last summer and returning to action in the final month of the regular season. He had two tackles in those games and three in Minnesota’s playoff loss to Seattle. He started 21 games in his first three NFL seasons.

Grimes and Robinson join Johnthan Banks, Alterraun Verner and Jude Adjei-Barimah at corner for the Bucs and their arrival may lower the chances that Mike Jenkins or Sterling Moore will re-sign with the team.